Thursday, April 06, 2006

Quickie Post about great Personal Development Site

Okay, maybe just a quickie post.

First off, I want to invite anyone who happens to be going to the National Home Show in Toronto, Ontario, to drop off at my husband’s booth. Company name is EcoTech Hydronics & Heating; booth number 1716. (I’ll be there on the weekends helping to man the booth.)

Next, I want to share with you my newest favorite website: - Personal Development for Smart People. Now, please don’t roll your eyes until you’ve given it a once over. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Some of the articles that had the biggest impact on my (so far) include:
Overcoming Procrastination
Self-discipline – this one is long and insightful
Time Management

I could list every one of Steve’s articles; I find them all enlightening. But, I’ll let you peruse his site and find what interests you. A couple of topics that seem to generate a lot of interest on his site that I haven’t checked out yet include Polyphasic Sleeping and How to Become an Early Riser.

I probably won’t be around Friday, so have a great weekend, folks. Hope you get lots of writing done.

Ciao, Nienke


Rene said...

I was going to sit and read the articles, but my timer went off. But I'll get back to them. You always find the greatest links.

Heather Dawn Harper said...


Does this Home Show have an end?

Nienke said...

Rene: keep up the good job with the timer!
Heather: LOL! Different Home Show! One of the joys of having an entrepreneurial husband (comes with plenty of perks too!)

Kross-Eyed Kitty said...

Loved your Write Along! What a great idea!
I should probably check out the Home Show as I live in Toronto.
Here via Michele's, glad that I stopped by!

CYNDY said...

Good morning! Michele sent me

Kelly Parra said...

Have a good weekend, Nienke!!

Melissa Marsh said...

This does look like a good site.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

So much to write, so little time...

Michele sent me here.

Tess said...

oooh - great links, Nienke. Thanks. I definitely need to read the articles on procrastination and time management!!

Your dh's company looks way cool. We'd been considering heating at least one of the floors in our new home. Not sure we can afford that particular feature yet, though. Hope the home show goes well :-)

SimplyClaire said...

Hi there hun, as always, your links are very useful to me. Just wanted to pop by and wish you a Happy Easter — I know I'm early, but I might not get another chance before then.
See you around, Claire.

Susan said...

good morning, or it is morning where I am anyway, just stopped in at your bravenet blog and found out about the changes -- I will have to work on my links I guess to change it to here... will check out the links that you suggest though...

Wil said...

I'll check out the article on Overcoming Procrastination tomorrow......;-)

Have a GREAT WEEK my friend!


Jerry said...

Steve Pavlina's site is wonderful, absolutely loaded with great information. If you like Pavlina's site you might like a site where I publish weekly personal development articles, at

Nienke said...

Jerry, thank you for the link - I'm off to do some reading now!
Wil - LOL You're such a riot!
Hey Susan, thanks for stopping by!
Good to hear from you too, Claire!
Tess - Our whole house has radiant floor heating. Nothing like it. Splurge! You won't regret it.
Hey Jean-Luc - imagine meeting a captain like you in a place like this!
Melissa and Kelly - thanks! Hope you guys are having a good week.
Hi Cyndy and Kitty, so nice of you to drop by!