Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday's Excuse Not To Write

Reprinted with permission from 101 Excuses Not to Write.

Oh, and happy 40th to my hubby!!


the flying monkeys said...

My time in hish school, I remember the old excuse for not doing homework: my dog ate it.

the flying monkeys said...

meant to write high* school

Sam said...

Happy 40th to hubby!!
And that is a good excuse not to write.
Mine is, 'the dog is barking too much.'

Prego said...

You're married to a forty tear old dude? Ewwww.

Oh wait! I'm turning forty next year!!!! MY POOR WIFE! AAAAAAAAUGHHHHHH!



Anonymous said...

Well a happy 40th to the hubby and a GREAT WEEKEND to you and yours!

Take care