Monday, March 06, 2006

And the Oscar went to…

Here is my 2-cents worth on some of the movies and dresses that were flying around in Oscar-land.


Crash – loved it. A character-driven storyline that shows people have both bad/ignorant sides to them as well as good/kind. Hopefully, in life’s journey, we manage to grow the good side. If you haven’t, go see it.

The Constant Gardner – loved it too. This movie was nothing at all like I expected. It was intense and political, yet an endearing love story. Rachel Weisz did a fabulous job in the role as Tess. Rachel is such a cutie. I also recommend to see this one if you haven’t.

March of the Penguins - Tagline: “In the harshest place on Earth, love finds a way.” Combine that with my love of animals and need I say more? Don’t just see it, buy it.

Capote – I haven’t seen this one yet, but I’m dying to. I heard Philip Seymour Hoffman, who plays Truman Capote, was incredible (hence, the Oscar). Apparently he lived in character 24 hours a day while filming and had trouble coming out of it. Did you see this? Do you recommend it?

Walk the Line – Haven’t seen this one either. But, I love Reese, so I’ll probably love the movie. I also love Johnny Cash.

Okay, now let’s move on to the really important Oscar discussion: FASHION. Did you notice all the dresses seemed to be either blue, butter-colored, or metallic/grey/beige??

I loved:
Reese Witherspoon. Outstanding. Nuff said.
Penelope Cruz in her strapless butter-colored dress.
Beyonce. Classic black strapless. Gorgeous and classy.

Not so much:
Kathy Griffin. What is that, green Xmas wrapping?
Melanie Griffith. There’s got to be a cutoff age for gravity defying (not) metallic dresses.
Cate Blanchett. More butter-color. This time in the shape of a toga.
Hilary Swank. Nice dress, but it looks like she had it on backwards.
Charlize Theron – what was she thinking? A puffy balloony thing on one shoulder?? Hmm, what could she be hiding in there?

Click here for more on the "Evolution of Style - The Oscars."

What did you think of the 2006 Oscars?


nanza said...

i only saw the "CONSTANT GARDENER" and it was very soul satisfying

clothes ...EH...i liked Ben Stillers funny...but brawdy humor gets me....Lili Thomlin and Meryl Streep were sooooooo funny....the repartee was typical Robert Altman....

i love your new site Nieke...BLOG ON SISTER FRIEND....

how's that book coming ??????

have you seen kates thanxgiving video yet...crank down the volume....but it's a hoot....

Kelly Parra said...

I didn't see much of the before show, but I saw some of the after, and lots of actors were being interviewed, and omigosh, I saw Suzanne Summers in all metallic glitter dress and matching purse that hurt my eyes. *laughs*

Shesawriter said...

I fell asleep during the Constant Gardener. It just didn't hold my attention.

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Crash and I'm SO glad it won. It deserved it. The story was powerful and touched upon so many facets of our lives today.

Never saw Capote, but I plan on it.


Sandy J said...

Just happened to see Walk the Line Friday night and Narnia on Saturday not even thinking about the Oscars.

I never was a big Johnny Cash fan, but I am now. The movie positively rocked! I loved it! And Joaquin Phoenix should have won Best Actor.

I have to agree on some of the fashion. Could never figure out Charlize Theron big, black, whatever.

Sam said...

Saw Wallace and Grommit and loved it - LOL.
I love Reece Witherspoon and she looked stunning. Another winner was Uma Thurman - such class!!!!
The MC was hysterical and the cowboy movie mock-up a scream. I have to admit, I laughed.

Nienke said...

nanza - No, I haven't checked out Kate's video yet, I'll do so today. Started some preliminary writing on new WIP.
kelly - I guess when you're that rich you lose your sense of taste or something!
tanya - we can start a Crash fan club. I can't seem to find many people who loved it as much as I did.
sandy - JC rocks - black poofy things don't
sam - I liked the MC too. He didn't overdo it as past MCs have. I too LOVED the cowboy movie mock up - LOL. And where does one go to see Wallace and Grommit (did you notice the winning guy for that movie looked just like the character?)?

Tess said...

We were all saying the same thing about those dresses. A lot of them were really gorgeous, but on women with colouring that was too fair.

I LOVED Selma Hayak's dress - but she always looks great and actually has womanly curves she flaunts!