Friday, May 11, 2007

Best Writing Advice, Ever

“My best piece of advice was getting and using the The Writer's Market (book) I used the Writer's Market for Literary Agents.”

~ Nicole, Del Sesto, author of All Encompassing Trip

“The best advice I ever received about writing is also the simplest: just do it. Stop talking about doing it - sit down and get that story out.”

~ William Couper, author of Cutting Chills

“The best thing I've ever heard is to write from the heart. Go with whatever it tells you.”

~ Jennifer Brown, author of Celebrity Secrets, Summer 2007


lady macleod said...

I took my best advice about writing from Hemingway - "the first draft of anything is shit, so you may as well write it anywy."

redchurch said...

I'm going to go against the grain here, with Jeff Kitchen's advice:


"Resist the urge to write until you've got your entire story broken down into its smallest parts. This will save you a lot of time rewriting for sake of plot."

Nienke said...

Good one redchurch. That's what I'll say I'm doing when I'm not writing!

KG said...

Sometimes the best advice is the shortest advice --- thanks for these gems!

Melissa Marsh said...

Great stuff, Nienke. I still like the very simple advice: Just do it. I need to quit making excuses sometimes and follow this advice!

Patry Francis said...

I love John Baker's advice. So happy to have stumbled on your blog.