Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Best Writing Advice, Ever

In honor of the release of her debut novel, today's best writing advice is from Kelly Parra, author of the young adult novel, Graffiti Girl (MTV Books, May 15, 2007). Check out her website,

"Some of the best writing advice I've heard, several times, is to believe in yourself and your writing. Writing is such an emotional, draining job. I believe in putting part of yourself and your emotions in your work. If you doubt yourself it can hurt your progress toward your dream. Work hard, believe, and write. :) "


redchurch said...

Perseverence... yep. One of the harder things for me was struggling to put stories together and thinking, "It won't always be this hard, will it? There has to be a better way!" I just had to operate on gut feeling that I would find a method that worked for me, even though I may have spent a year or two discovering that method.

I believe I've found it now, which proves that indeed it won't always be as difficult -- at least not in the same ways. It is possible to reach a threshold where storytelling isn't some mystical, super difficult process.

You just have to hang in there til you figure out what works for you.

Nienke Hinton said...

Yay! That's my favorite advice so far! Mind if I quote you?

Sara Freeze said...

Kelly gives great advice; at times, writing can be such an emotionally charged profession, but if writers can stay grounded and keep their core beliefs in themselves and their work at the forefront of their minds, it can only help the creative process.

Sara :)

Oneqler said...

Пиши больше, но не забывай работа не волк в лес не убежит.


Kelly Parra said...

Thanks again for posting me, Nienke! :)

lady macleod said...

I think, actually I hope, that is true. That is the reason I began my blog and give myself the deadline of at least six and never less than five post a week.