Monday, May 14, 2007

Free books - but hurry! (Canadian residents only)

Harper Collins Canada is giving away 50 copies of The Line Painter (to Canadian residents only) to kick start a MySpace reading group. I'm not sure how many are left, so hurry! More information here:

The Line Painter
By Claire Cameron

It’s 1:08 a.m. when Carrie’s car breaks down on the highway somewhere north of Lake Superior. It’s dark, the road is quiet, her cell phone is down, and she is alone. She took off from Toronto that morning, running from grief over the death of her boyfriend, and unable to cope with the truth about the events that led to it. The relief Carrie feels as a truck pulls up soon turns to fear after its driver offers her a lift. Frank, her would-be rescuer, is a line painter, putting lines on the road “to stop people from being killed.” But after Carrie gets in the truck, she starts to realize that this will be the road trip of her life—a trip of terror, transformation and forgiveness.

Claire Cameron has created a unique portrait of Carrie, a young woman whose actions are driven by grief and shame, her personality a beguiling combination of naïveté and streetsmarts. Frank is equally sharply drawn, his flashes of humour and tenderness disguising the wreckage within. Written in spare, unvarnished prose that brims with menace against the forbidding backdrop of a northern landscape, The Line Painter takes us on a riveting trip down a twisted road of memory and redemption.


lady macleod said...

Oh bugger, do you think they would give me one if I KNOW some Canadians?

good review

Nienke said...

Hey Lady M., I'm just happy that FINALLY there's something for Canadians.

lady macleod said...

fair enough :-)

Jason said...

Oh, that book sounds awesome. Guess they wouldn't consider it if I used to work for some Canadians, then? *sigh* Oh well. Back to painting lines on the road.