Monday, November 07, 2005

Useable after all

Writing Accomplished: 500 words at lunch
Writing Goal: transcribe and some wc tonight

So far so good. I almost didn't write at lunch. Couldn't think of what to write, so I told myself, "Just write anything. You don't have to use it." But, turned out useable after all.


FLAMINGO1 said...

Since you are a writer, let me suggest that you visit Erin O'Brien's website (if you haven't already).

There is a link to it on my Blog...which you can get to by the link attached to this message.

I enjoy reading her material and recommend it to others.

P.S. Instead of telling us how much you wrote over lunch, any chance you can share some of it??

P.S.S. I'm not usually this nice to Canadians.

concerned citizen said...

i agree. Hey, isn't wc short for water closet over there?