Friday, July 27, 2007

A few more words from Murray Suid


I truly enjoyed guest blogging on THE WRITING LIFE the other day. Afterward, I found myself wishing that I could thank all those inventors who have given us this new medium for sharing our ideas and our lives. To my way of thinking, the net is close to a miracle.

Technology has long interested me. In fact, my current book project deals with engineering marvels. I’m having such fun learning about processes such as Backward Planning (huh?) and Failure Analysis. (I have lots of personal examples to draw upon.)

Back to the blog that I posted here: I want to thank the participants for their thought-provoking questions and comments. I came away enriched.

In the blog I explained that WORDS OF A FEATHER got published thanks to an agent who was looking for a funny word book. I should have mentioned the agent’s name—Carol Roth—and her website Carol specializes in nonfiction. Who knows? Perhaps she can be of use to some of the talented writers who frequent THE WRITING LIFE. That would be a nice denouement, which word—I can’t help but point out—relates etymologically to noose.



Nienke Hinton said...

It was a pleasure having you! You've truly inspired me to pay more attention to words to help dig deeper into my characters and my stories.

I wish you much success with Words of a Feather!


Bhaswati said...

What an engaging post you wrote on the 23rd, Murray. It sure has got me interested more than ever to dig out the roots of words I read and use. The tip to trace word origins during a writing fix is invaluable. Thank you so much.

Nienke, thank you, too, for bringing to us such a wonderful guest blogger's insights.

Flowerpot said...

Nienke - this is for you - an award! Please pass by and collect it!