Monday, July 28, 2008

The Only General Writing Advice You Will Ever Need

* Writing and Editing are two separate, and different processes.

* Writing and Editing are two separate, and different processes. It is that important.

* Write first. Edit later.

* Write first. Edit later. It is that important.

* Outline only if it works for you.

* Write every day.

* Write what you want to read, not what you think someone else will.

* Keep a ritual.

* Stick to it.

* When you are not writing, read.

* Read a lot.

* Read everything: comics, newspapers, novels, magazines, screenplays, poetry, billboards, tattoos, mustard wrappers, everything.

* Read your own writing. Out loud.

* Read other people’s writing. Out loud.

* Don’t read to comprehend. This is about writing.

* Read to write. Notice the context, flow, and tone.

* Listen to people speak.

* Don’t listen to comprehend. This is about writing.

* Notice the context, flow, and tone.

* Write with different tools: keyboard, pencil, ink pen, crayon, dirt, whatever.

* Write on different mediums: grid paper, lined paper, blank paper, cardboard, LCD, canvas, dirt, whatever.

* Write in different places, but keep and maintain a Writing Home.

* Tell everyone you write: your family, your friends, the postman, the prostitutes, everyone.

* But don’t tell anyone exactly what you are writing: not even the prostitutes.

* Strike dead every should you have about writing.

* Put aside this list, and every other piece of advice, or book, or adage about writing ever offered.

* And write every day.

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Liz said...

I'm both a writer and an editor by profession, and I wish I could tattoo that first part on the hand of every writer I have worked with. Except the ones who refuse to be edited! But yes, write it! That's why there are editors in the world - do your job and we can do ours.

Nienke Hinton said...

Great point, edw. Also, I know from a writing perspective, that one can't get the writing done if they keep editing along the way. Thx for the comment!

Sayre said...

How's YOUR writing coming, Nienke? I know you took a new job and that it's been keeping you busy but I hope not too busy to write!

I did NaNo last year and will do it again this year. I put my novel away for 6 months (per Stephen King) and when I pulled it out, decided that it was salvagable but needed some major reworking. I may try blocking it out in an outline as my plot seems to go all over the place. Anyway, all is not lost - it was just in hiding for a while!

Nienke Hinton said...

It seems as my craving to write is coming back, so is my craving to blog and return to my writing community!
6 months of hiding sounds like good advice! Now I just need to complete something I can hide...

Pete R Njenga said...

I like these tips.
So very true.