Monday, December 08, 2008




I must say, I enjoyed following others and I also very much enjoyed the guest star "pep talks."
Funniest thing? Now I'm itching to work on my story.
How'd you do?


Unknown said...

I didn't try this year, unfortunately. Too much going on for me to even try...

That picture absolutely cracks me up though! Talk about an epic fail on the part of the dog!

Oh well, better luck next year?

Unknown said...

I was able to get out a hair over 50K and this year was the first year I did it. I didn't always stick to my guns and write everyday, but muddle through it.

Melly said...

I failed too!

Sayre said...

FAIL! I got to a little over 8,000 words, but work and personal stuff kind of started taking up more and more time so that once I actually had time to write, my brain was so fried that I couldn't do much more than play poppit.

I do believe in my story though, and will continue to work on it as my life begins to slow down a little around the holidays. Just a little too overwhelmed at the moment.

Rene said...

Fail! 23K words and I lost momentum. Now I got to get back to my real WIP. I did have fun while I did it.

Flowerpot said...

I've got rather a lot of other projects on at the moment to even think about it!

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