Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cold morning, windy day

This picture I took on my walk this morning. The temperature is -18 C (0 F) and, although it's hard to make out, the steam rising from the water was mesmerizing. The lake is Lake Ontario.

Here's another picture I took from roughly the same location a few weeks ago during a wind storm. We seldom see whitecaps on this lake, so it's quite exciting to see waves. The storm had winds up to 129km (75mph), which is worthy of a Category One hurricane. The winds took out a 40' tree on our neighbouring property. Missed our house by 1 foot but killed the fence.


Sayre said...

THis has been a wild year for weather all over the place. Sorry your fence had to be sacrificed, but better that than the house!

Personally? I LOVE storms!

S.D. said...

Wow! great pictures. Beautiful lake. And hurricanes are little fun. Kind of amazing to watch, but it's a pain to clean up the mess. Ike knocked down the neighbor's tree taking out part of our fence and our beautiful live oak. Ah well.... Better off than most people. Anyway, I'd love to go there, insanely cold or not :D

Anonymous said...

I love to take pictures of the same location thru different parts of the season, a la Monet. (Only I'm terrible at painting and rely on my friend the digital camera.)

One of my favorite places to do this is in front of the Shakespeare Theater at Navy Pier in Chicago. I have pictures of that scene in the rain, on clear days, in the freezing cold etc.

Beautiful pictures, btw.


Brendan Gullifer said...

Lovely shots. Good to see you're still blogging. I've just relaunched my blog -
Hope the writing is going well.

Pearl said...

happy March Nienke.

sexy said...