Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Podcast addict

Not long ago, someone memed me, and one of the questions was, what six things would you take out of your home if it was on fire. Well, one of my answers was my iPod. I love my iPod Nano. Only, I don’t have one song on it. There is room for four days worth of songs but, instead, I have it filled with podcasts. I am addicted to podcasts, especially ones about writing, authors, and books.

Surprisingly, there are not very many podcasts on the subject of writing. There are a few, however, that offer author interviews and the authors often talk about their methods.

I have made a list of podcasts on writing or books that I’m aware of in my sidebar. If you know of any that are not on my list but should be included, please email me at nienke DOT hinton AT

My favorites include:

Writers On Writing - Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, author of pen on fire – the busy woman’s guide to igniting the writer within, interviews various writers. Recent guests include Janet Fitch, author of White Oleander; Andrew Vachss, author of Two Trains Running; and Betsy Lerner, author of The Forest for the Trees: An Editor's Advice to Writers.

The Secrets: The Podcast for Writers - Michael A. Stackpole, an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author, offers tips, advice, and anecdotes about writing.

The Naked Novelist - Brendan Gullifer, an author “on the brink,” shares the heartbreak and highlights of getting a novel published. Past guests include playwright, novelist, and screenwriter Joanna Murray-Smith (great interview although the sound is a bit grainy).

I Should Be Writing - Mur Lafferty, a wanna-be writer, has tips, anecdotes, and interviews for other wanna-be writers. She says, “Let my stack of rejection letters and battle scars benefit you.”

Do you listen to any podcasts? If so, which ones?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links, they look great!

Melissa Amateis said...

No, I don't listen to them unless one gets passed around at work - I don't even have an iPod!

Heather Dawn Harper said...

I don't do podcasts, but I do purchase audio books.

I have Stephen King's On Writing and an Anne Lamott workshop on my iPod.

Terry said...

One of my favorite podcasts is This Week in Technology (TWiT) because I dig Leo Laporte and his take on technology. I also frequently listen to Cover to Cover from the Dragon Page. Of course, it helps that I was interviewed on that one.

I'm not sure I could live without my iPod...

Anonymous said...

What podcatcher do you use?

Export your podcast list to an OPML file, and post it. Then we'll be able to import it, and get all the podcasts you listen to in one fell swoop.


Anonymous said...

Oh Phil, leave it to you to give me something even more technical to do. But, I will. Even if it's just because I want to be nice to you because I missed your birthday.
Speaking of technical stuff, when are YOU going to start a blog? I know you have opinions on a lot of stuff... ;-)

Terence: Thanks for the links, I'll be sure to check them out.

Heather, I already have the hard copies... but, not a bad idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Phil, I think my podcatcher is iTunes, does that sound right?

anne frasier said...

i have an ipod, but i haven't started listening to podcasts. i'm afraid if i start that will be it. another hole to vanish down. but if i traveled a lot -- if i ever left my house -- i'd probably do the podcast thing. right now i don't quite understand it. kinda do...but kinda don't.

Sandy J said...

An IPod Nano is on my birthday list.

Rene said...

I used to listen to "Answer Bitch." She was the gossip columnist on E! But her podcasts stopped coming regularly. I do have podcasts from Colonial Williamsburg on my iPod. I loaded the conference cd's from Reno and I listen to those. I have an iPod Mini but I think I'm going to ask for the big iPod for Christmas.