Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quick Pics

Hi y'all:
I've been wrapped up in other things and unable to post, so here's a couple of quick pics for your amusement. It's Cairo discovering the kitchen tap. (He's such a cutie!!) (To know my obsession with my pets is to know me)

And Piffy wants her two cents worth included too...

Hope you're all having a great week!


Joe said...

What is it with cats and water? Our cat would rather drink out of my glass than his own dish. We've discovered why, though: ice cubes. He loves them. And if we put a couple in his dish, he'll actually drink his own water. Weird.

Sayre said...

Your Cairo looks like a perfect blend of my French and Yoda. My cats aren't interested in the sink but they LOVE the toilets.

Flush and they're there to watch it go round and round. Leave the lid up and they're hanging over the edge splashing away. You can hear them! And if you put the lid down, they will nudge it up and let it bang down until you come and lift it.

I think all cats are weird. That's why I like them so much!

Melissa Amateis said...

What a beautiful cat. But I'm a dog lover myself - mostly because cats make me sneeze. :-)

Anonymous said...

Too funny--I used to have a cat that ate my blinds. Someone told me to use a squirt gun on him. So I did--he would leap over the to squirt gun and start licking the water right out of it as I squirted!!! Who said cats hate water????

Tess said...

ROTFL - Cleo's like that with water too. She sometimes jumps INTO the tub when Sean starts the shower!!!

Love the pics - Cairo's a gorgeous kitty. How could anyone have abandoned him?

Anonymous said...

Aww. Those are some cute pics. I actually have a slight cat allergy but I still love them and cuddle with any cat that will let me.

They're just so elegant and pretty and amazing. :D

Oh, yes very much a cat person. lol. But before we discovered my allergy we had loads of cats, not at the same time but since I was a kid we've had a cat sometimes. lol. But now we don't have any pets. :(

But I had a dream about a cat last night. Adorable black one, which I think might have been my 1 year old cat that ran away from us the day after he turned 1. :( I just hope she's happy somewhere and not like hit by a car or put down for being a stray or something.

I'm babbling. Sorry. :D

Your cat is a cutie. :)

Tempest Knight said...

OMG! Your cat is so precious! *g* Okay, your dog is too!

Anonymous said...

aww cairo looks so cute, my cat's never gone into our basin but she has drunk water from our bathroom sink and had the misfortune of being given a shower by my brother.
but cairo is so cute, and it's a great name too.

hope you're well :)

Kay Cooke said...

cairo looks like our cat Grommet except Grommy has a white chest. He drinks from our shower.
Have fun and see you when you get back.

Jean said...


I can't help but look at my Natasha and know she spent two years (half her life) in a foster home waiting for me. They found her on the street with two kittens -- one died, but her son grew up become a handsome black kitty still waiting for a home (I'd have taken him, too, but I can only have two pets in my current house, and I already have Hershey). I feel so blessed to have her as part of my life.

Cairo and Piffy are adorable.