Saturday, November 11, 2006

Blogging is important too

Spent some of today organizing my various snippets of writing, so now I have a chronological and cohesive piece of work to continue with. Does anyone else do this? Write in notebooks, home computer, laptop, Alphie, work computer (on lunch of course!) and then have bits and pieces everywhere? Takes more time than I allotted to put it all together and make it smoothe. But, I needed to do it. Guess I'm just a smoothe operator...

I've neglected my blog of late, tho I'm very fortunate to have many online friends who continue to support me through comments here and on my NaNo profile and via email and chat. Thank you all, it certainly helps! However, I've come to realize the importance of my blog by the readership base. We took in another (yes, another) abandoned kitty (10-week old Suki) and I discovered that he is an avid reader of my blog.

Click here to see.

Here's a close-up of Cairo with his new brother Suki:
Cairo and Suki

Aren't they cute?


Anonymous said...

awwww, your new cat is so cute and the vid and pic are adorable!

i make notes constantly about writing, I was writing on a scrap piece of paper at work the other day, trying to plot a new novel!

but awww, cute cats *squee*

Sayre said...

Your Cairo looks like my French. Right down to that very content expression... Yoda likes to hug French like that, too!

Anonymous said...

Awwww! They're cute!

Joyce Ellen Davis said...

You are a NICE person! Besides being a fine writer and person of magnificence!

And, I am also getting behinder and behinder, as I am going to get back to my NaNo just as soon as I finish procrastinating!

Crystal* said...

Yes. Yes! YES!
LOVE the furry babies!!!
Glad NaNoWriMo is going well.
Keep posting pictures of your babies!

Stephanie said...

Adorable :) And keep slogging away with NaNo... like you said, any words more than you had before is a good thing!

desert rat said...

How can kittens not be cute? ;-)

I do that with my writing too, bits everywhere, hand written, on disk, laptop, PC, notebook (the bound paper kind). And I obsessively back up too, so I'll often have three or four versions of the same thing floating around.

Sayre said...

Oh, that video was too cute! My Tux used to love the Weather Channel because the people would stand there and wave their arms around. He tried to catch them...

Jean said...

Another adorable pair! Love the video.

As for the bits and pieces, I try to use either Memory Sticks or USB drives and then carry them from one machine to another.

For instance, I've been using a memory stick and swapping it from my desktop to my laptop for continuity.

For next week, I may transfer it to my SD chip and plug it into my Palm to make it easier to jot in a few quick words while hubby is here. The instant on and the portability of the Palm will make me continuing to write less intrusive while he's here. I plan to only jot in about 250 words a day, just to keep some forward momentum.

My Media Gear USB multi-reader on my desktop gives me the flexibility to shift between mediums. Since it's USB, I can plug it into any other PC (or Mac, I suppose) to extend capability.

Of course, scraps of paper, unless I jot into the Palm, are tougher to work with. :)

Hang in there on NaNo. I see you've been struggling, but anything you get this month is better than what you started the month with, so that's cause for celebration.

The Moon Topples said...

Nienke: Blogging is indeed important, although there have been a couple points this month (I'm doing NaNo, too) where my blog output has exceeded my fiction work, which is a bit dismaying.

I use notepaper to write when I'm out and about, or when I'm having trouble with a section, since my longhand skills aren't as quick as my typing, and it forces me to think things through more as I write.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi. The cats are adorable.

Tess said...

The video is adorable - the kitten reminds me (from behind at least) of Cleo. But I can't see the photo you posted in the blog post itself!!! Waaaah. And you're wonderful for taking in another abandoned cat. We hope to get another one next year, once we have a house again.