Monday, October 09, 2006

Back with working links (and a hat!)

Well, I'm back from an awesome week. I hope all my Canadian friends had a nice Thanksgiving. I certainly did. Spent lots of time with family all weekend and also had the pleasure of some down time. Now, I'm at the computer, and aside from blogging, I'm also writing!

What did you do this weekend?

Thanks for letting me know about the bad links on my last post. I blame Blogger. In any case, I'm reposting them and hopefully the links work this time.

Between Your Sheets
We Write Romance
Access Romance
Suite 101 Creative Writing Workshop
Romance Ever After – The Writing Craft
Myra Nour on Writing
Little Willow’s Archive of Author Interviews
Top 10 Blogs About Writing and Publishing
43 Things – Write A Novel
43 Things – Write a Book
Karen Kelley’s Writing Tips (some funny pieces!)
Lucy Monroe’s Articles for Writers
Evolution (a writers' group dedicated to free and open creative expression in all genres)

Oh, and S. William, thx for cleaning out my fridge and feeding my cat. Mysteriously, you left a red hat with a white pompom behind. Shall I fedex it?


Sayre said...

You know SANTA??? And he feeds your cat?

S William said...

Yes, I know Santa well. I did end up eating the old fish.

And thanks for the links :)

Believe it or not, I got to play Santa and visit all the floors in the hospital one year. The kids and the very elderly liked it the best. So many hugs. I wish I could play Santa every day.

The Squeaking Noodle said...

Red hat and pom pom - I want to move there now.
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! It's wet here, but hey-ho, it's supposed to be - it's England!

Chat soon.

Rinda Elliott said...

This has to be the most amazing list of links! I feel privileged to be a part of it. Thanks!

Sayre said...

I "do" Santa every year. My son and I go out dressed up as Santa and elf to shop for Toys for Tots, then deliver the toys still dressed up. It's great fun! And yes, I'm a girl, but who says the spirit of Santa has to be male? Besides, wearing a beard is fun...

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