Friday, October 27, 2006

A roaring success!

Melly and I are pleased to announce that the first session of the Writing Session Group was very successful. Here is the final tally:

Melly - goal: editing and writing 500 words. Result: 90%
R - goal: coming up with 3-5 scene ideas and write smthg up on each. Result: 100%
T - goal: finish reviewing my NaNo outline and to make the difficult changes I know are necessary. Result: 100%
L - goal: 500 words in new short story. Result: 100%.
M - goal: work on character development, further story building, read over/edit existing section. Result: 100%
S - goal: wiring a certain year of memoir. Result: 100%
Nienke - goal: work on outline. Result: 100%

And, as Melly put it, "Yay us!"

Doesn't this make you want to come join? Huh?

Oh, and I also want to mention that I popped in on young adult novelist Arthur Slade, who was at the library near my work last night promoting his new book, Megiddo's Shadow. What a great show he puts on. The kids just loved him. I know Arthur because of his podcast for writers.


redchurch said...

I enjoyed Thursday's. Sorry couldn't make Saturday's.

Ready for NaNo?

Anonymous said...

Are you ready Nienke?

This will be my fourth NaNo. Hope I finish this year. =)


Anonymous said...

P. S.
I'm the L that reached 100%.
Yeah me.
Yeah you and Melly for setting this up.
Double yeah everyon doing it.

Crystal* said...

I will not be nanoing with y'all.
I will, however, check in on the updates.
Best of luck!

Unknown said...

Hey Nienke,

Thanks for dropping by at the library! Too bad we didn't have time to chat. But I appreciate the effort of you coming out just to say hi!