Wednesday, October 04, 2006

conference, links

I’m off for a three-day business trip to Deerhurst Resort. It is a beautiful place but, unfortunately, I am solidly booked day and night for the entire time I’m there. Oh well. I am bringing my Alphie in case I get some time to myself.

And, for your surfing pleasure, some links I’ve come across in recent Net travels:

Between Your Sheets
We Write Romance
Access Romance
Suite 101 Creative Writing Workshop
Romance Ever After – The Writing Craft
Myra Nour on Writing
Little Willow’s Archive of Author Interviews
Top 10 Blogs About Writing and Publishing
43 Things – Write A Novel
43 Things – Write a Book
Karen Kelley’s Writing Tips
(some funny pieces!)
Lucy Monroe’s Articles for Writers
(a writers' group dedicated to free and open creative expression in all genres)

Okay, that’s probably enough to keep you occupied till my next post.

Keep on writing, folks!


S William said...

You don't mid if we move things around a bit while you're gone? And I might take a peek in your frig...

Tess said...

Nienke - something went wrong with your code - all the articles have the same link :-(

Enjoy your trip! I've heard Deerhurst is gorgeous.

Unknown said...

Great blog. I just started one at the request of a friend as a writing exercise, so I've been bopping around checking out differnt blogs. Your's is the best I've seen so far. Nice work.

Great writing resources on the post, also.


Unknown said...

sorry i misspelled your name

S William said...

There's nothin in the fridge but old fish. I hate fresh fish. Here's kitty, kitty...

Melly said...

Hope you're having a good trip.
Yeah, something Is wrong with the code, but I googled some of the stuff I wasn't familiar with.
Great, another excuse not to write!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying your blog since discovering it a couple days ago from a link off Forward Motion.

Cole Reising said...

Thanks for the links and have a good time -- don't work too hard! :)


Jack W. Orf said...


I was just thinking that you would enjoy the Miami Book Fair ( It's quite an event. You've probably seen it on C-Span.

I live about 60 miles from Miami, but I always attend.

There are dozens of author presentations and huge numbers of interesting people. Plus the weather's a whole lot warmer than Canada this time of year.